Unirise Agency

Over the years, our overall business has come from the commercial segment. We have not been very aggressive in tapping into our commercial clients’ and their employee’s personal insurance needs.
By participating in Unidynamic’s agency digital sales network as an agency partner, we can now develop another source of commission income by offering personal lines products online to our customers.
We believe, the digital sales tool will enable our agency to generate more sales from both our current customers and new customers.

Lewa Risk Management

We have been operating our insurance agency since 70s and have represent many insurance companies over these years. We started off as a life insurance agency and have been very successful in life segment. We have since started offering general insurance products to our life policyholders as part of a cross selling strategy and customer retention. By teaming up with Unidynamic, the digital sales tool will help to simplify our cross-selling plans to increase our income for both ourselves and our downline, life agencies.

Insam Enterprise

The digital sales tool will help to grow my business further as customers can buy insurance online directly from my agency. Undynamic even provide my agency with our own website where my agency can offer a list of products which our customer can also buy online.

In the coming months, Unidyanamic will also be developing competitive insurance products that we can offer to our customers on the digital platform.

EGI solution

Unidynamic Network provides my agency with the digital sales tool and the claims assistance services. The digital sales toll allows my agency to offer insurance directly to my customers. They can also then buy directly from my agency.

Their claims assist support centre will help to attend to my corporate clients’ claims needs when they need assistance during a claim. I can have a peace of mind when I am travelling or busy attending seminars or meeting.

Best Deal Agency

I have been an agent since 1980s and my decision to join Unidyanamic as an agency partner is to enable my agency to build our own B2C business to compete in the current tough environment. It is sad to see that we now even need to compete with insurance companies that are selling insurance directly to the consumers.

By teaming up with Unidynamic Network, I believe that this will give us, insurance agency an opportunity to work together as a united force to compete on a level playing field against the motor franchisees, financial advisors and insurance aggregators.