Why Us?

The emergence of digital sales channel and the growing trend of the financial services providers in building a direct B2C business model is becoming a daily on-going threat to the survival of the agents in the insurance business.

How do you match up against your industry peers like the GLC agencies, Motor Franchisors, Financial Advisors, Online Aggregators, Financial Institution, and Broking firms?

How do you compete in such a competitive environment and continue to make a career or a profession out of insurance sales?

Here in Unidynamic Network, we understand your business. We understand your challenges. And we do understand your competitors.

In Unidynamic Network, we believe that our partners should be spending time on selling which is the essence of survival and growth. We also believe that the market has not changed, what needs to change is the way we approach the market.

Insurance agencies of today spend more time in “servicing” rather than selling. We all should know by now that great customer services don’t really guarantee your survival whereas it’s a fact that selling generate incomes which pays your expenses.

We encourage you to take that important first step to join your fellow partners to partake on this “digital sales” journey.

Don’t be left out of this digital journey and be replaced by technology as today’s market is all about digital!

Here in Unidynamic Network, we recognize that any agency on its own cannot compete against the digital forces that is transforming the market and consumers behaviour of today and tomorrow.

But together with Unidynamic Network and your fellow agency partners, we can change this era of “Adversity and Uncertainty” around into an era of “Prosperity and Sustainability”

As the saying goes, “In Unity, we stand, In Diversity, we fall”