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We are a “consulting firm” set up to take the insurance agencies on a digital sales journey to enable them to compete on a level playing field with the rest of the sales players in the insurance industry.

Our principal objective is to help insurance agencies businesses:

  • Improve sales revenue and performance by providing strategic, unbiased and objective advisory services.
  • Find new and better ways of doing sales through technology.
  • Provide guidance and advisory assistance to new comer pursuing insurance as a career.

Our Services

Agency “Digital Sales” Apps


We are committed to helping our clients to reach their goals.

The emergence of digital sales channel and the growing trend of the financial services providers in building a direct B2C business model is becoming a daily on-going threat to the survival of the agents in the insurance business.

How do you match up against your industry peers like the GLC agencies, Motor Franchisors, Financial Advisors, Online Aggregators, Financial Institution, and Broking firms?

How do you compete in such a competitive environment and continue to make a career or a profession out of insurance sales?

Here in Unidynamic Network, we understand your business. We understand your challenges. And we do understand your competitors.

Claims Assist SERVICES

    • Assist to provide guidance on mitigate measures before, during and after A LOSS (burglary, fIre, death)
    • Assist to Assign panel workshops to attend to customers’ car that are affected by accident and are still driveable.
    • Assist to Provide emergency household assistance like water pipes bursting, loss of house keys,
    • Assist to Assign adjusters that are on the approved panel of the insurer for those claim cases reported to the centre by the customers.
    • Assist to Provide advisory service to customers on cases that could be litigations (3rd party claims) in nature


We help you to improve your business to next level.