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Experiencing financial constraints? Accessing loans from Singapore banks for foreigners is almost impossible.

Singapore is one of the most popular work destinations across the globe. The high standard of life, a growing economy, political stability and a favorable investment environment are all factors which have contributed to more expats arriving and settling in the country.

Most of the expats don’t leave once they experience the high quality of life on the island. Today, almost 38% of the country’s population is made up of foreigners working in different sectors of the economy.

Like all other Singapore residents, foreigners are also experiencing financial constraints emanating from a global economic slowdown. However, accessing loans from Singapore banks for these residents is almost impossible. The requirements are stringent and the rates are just too high to help meet urgent financial needs. This is one downside of working in the country as a foreigner.

The Goldstarcredit99 Foreigner Loans

Our foreigner loans are a major part of our innovative financial products which we have developed over the years. This product is an unsecured term loan facility that is easy to access and flexible to meet any financial emergencies.

We guarantee quick processing of the loan and adherence to all financial regulations set in the law. Our financial experts will provide all information regarding the loan beforehand to ensure you make an informed choice.

Our short-term loans are multi-purpose and can be utilized for any financial need. Whether you need to cover medical bills, tuition expenses, vehicle purchase, electronics purchase or home upgrade, our foreign loans are suited for every kind of emergency.

Eligibility for a Goldstarcredit99 Foreigner Loan

If you are looking for instant cash as a foreigner living in Singapore, our foreigner loans are easily accessible.  You must be above 21 years in age to qualify. Here are the eligibility criteria:

  • Proof of identity: You must possess a valid Singapore Employment work pass and a passport.
  • Original and copies of the latest payslips for the last 3 months
  • Appointment letter from the employer
  • Bank statements
  • Proof of residence which can be a rental agreement, PUB or hand phone bill

For more enquiries, our team of representatives is always at hand to explain. At Goldstarcredit99, we believe in customizing our financial solutions and we advise you to call us if you have any questions about your eligibility.

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