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I always unsure about what I wanted in life. When I was small I remember I am certain of what I want but that became blurry because in my society and culture, I’ve been told I should be certain thing in a certain way. There is always limitation and roadblocks that were not supposed to be there if we make it less complicated. The only thing I know is when I saw something I like, I know that I really like it and there is no doubt about it.

I want to invite you to my journey of discovering what I truly desire and how I discover it at the age of 36. Most of bloggers or successful entrepreneurs out there started their journey early. But like I said, I was unsure about many things in my life, but now I really want to do this. Hey, it’s never too late to start something right?

I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.’ – Muhammad Ali

I always fond to Middle Eastern culture since I was small. I remember during my childhood, listening to Arabic music when my parents turn on the TV during Ramadhan. There’s usually programs closer to break fast time that play Arabic music. It always giving me the calmness in some sort of ways. I always dreaming of travelling to the Middle East and get lost in the deep ancient history, surrounded by the dessert, camels and wearing beautiful abayas..little did I know that it is so much more than that!

Growing up in a small town in Malaysia, I always thought that I would never get out and experience all that I dreamt of. I enter college, get my first job, met my life partner and now I have a decent job with a decent paycheck. I appreciate for what I have in my life and I thank Allah for it. But it feels like there is something missing, like a big chunk of something that I never understood what it is.

Consider this as my real-time update, as I will share with you my journey from time to time. I believe and that I will reach my goa if I put mi mind into what I’m doing. What is the worst thing could happen, right? The worst scenario, if I fail, I will learn something valuable and keep going with new strategy. I rather fail and learn something rather than just sitting and keep wondering “what if”…

Stay tuned to my next story. See you soon!

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